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Meet your ultimate inflation companion—the Micro Floor Drive XL. Engineered to efficiently inflate fat bike and plus tires, this hand-pump-sized powerhouse packs enough efficiency to make most floor pumps blush.

Crafted from lightweight and durable CNC-machined aluminum, the Micro Floor Drive XL is built to withstand the rigors of trail riding while maintaining portability. Its extra-large, high-volume barrel delivers up to 35 psi (2.4 bar) with ease, ensuring quick and hassle-free inflation.

Equipped with a long hose and a stainless steel foot peg, this pump optimizes pumping function, providing stability and ease of use in any terrain. The Presta and Schrader compatible ABS Flip Chuck adds versatility, allowing for seamless connections to a variety of valve types.

Whether you're hitting the trails or embarking on a backcountry adventure, the Micro Floor Drive XL is your go-to solution for reliable tire inflation. Compact yet powerful, this pump ensures you're always ready to roll.

Upgrade your gear and experience the convenience of efficient tire inflation on the go with the Micro Floor Drive XL. Don't let flat tires slow you down—order now and elevate your riding experience!

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