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Experience the power of a floor pump in the palm of your hands with the Micro Floor Drive Digital HPG—a portable marvel designed for high-pressure applications. Crafted with precision from lightweight CNC-machined aluminum, this pump delivers exceptional performance while maintaining portability.

Equipped with a digital in-line pressure gauge, the Micro Floor Drive Digital HPG ensures accuracy for optimal tire pressure. The digital display rounds PSI to the nearest whole number, providing a clear reading for efficient inflation. BAR measurements are rounded to the nearest tenth, ensuring precision for your high-pressure needs.

Stability meets convenience with the stainless steel foot peg, keeping the pump firmly in place during use. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck adds versatility, accommodating both Presta and Schrader valves with ease.

Designed for on-the-go cyclists, the Micro Floor Drive Digital HPG comes complete with a Composite Matrix Frame mount, ensuring easy and secure transport. Whether you're at the trailhead or on the road, this portable powerhouse is ready to tackle your inflation needs with efficiency and precision.

Upgrade your cycling gear with the Micro Floor Drive Digital HPG—an epitome of performance and portability. Conquer high-pressure challenges with ease, and hit the road with confidence. Order yours now and experience floor pump performance in a compact package!

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