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Introducing the Mega Drive 2400+—the pinnacle of night riding illumination! Unleash a powerful 2400 lumens of brightness for over 2 hours of relentless night riding adventure. With eight versatile output modes, from the attention-grabbing Daytime Flash Mode to the impressive 450-hour max runtime in Femto mode, this light is a game-changer.

Designed for durability and performance, the Mega Drive 2400+ boasts a CNC-machined aluminum construction with cooling fins, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and consistent high output throughout its runtime. Its waterproof USB-C 2A+ fast charging capability adds convenience to the mix, allowing you to quickly recharge for your next thrilling ride (cable not included).

Illuminate your path with confidence, thanks to the five LEDs that optimize every lumen for an ideal beam pattern, perfect for high-speed riding over diverse terrains. The Mega Drive 2400+ also offers Infinite Light Power Pack+ compatibility for enhanced versatility and extended performance.

Installation is a breeze with the versatile strap, securely fitting the light to all common handlebar sizes. Explore alternative mounting options with additional accessory mounts, providing flexibility for your preferred setup.

Take your night riding experience to the next level with the Mega Drive 2400+ Loaded Kit! This comprehensive kit includes:

  • Mega Drive 2400+ Front Light
  • Infinite Light Power Pack+ (coming soon!)
  • Alloy Handlebar LED Mount
  • GoPro LED Adapter

Gear up and light up the night with the Mega Drive 2400+. Unleash the power of advanced illumination technology for an unparalleled riding experience. Upgrade to the Loaded Kit for the ultimate adventure-ready setup!

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