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Illuminate your ride with a touch of timeless elegance and modern functionality—the Classic Drive XL 700+ front light. Delivering 700 lumens of brilliance through a single high-output LED emitter, this classic yet contemporary light ensures optimal visibility on every journey.

Crafted with precision, the Classic Drive XL 700+ features a sleek cylindrical housing that offers a compact and lightweight design, perfect for urban commutes or adventurous excursions.

Enjoy the convenience of the waterproof USB-C with 2A+ fast charging capability, allowing for quick and easy recharging (cable not included). The machined aluminum construction guarantees durability and efficient heat dissipation, while rigorous testing to IPX7 Waterproofing standards ensures reliability in various weather conditions.

Customize your lighting experience with seven different output modes, ranging from the attention-grabbing Daytime Flash mode to the endurance-focused 45-hour runtime in Femto Mode. Plus, with Infinite Light Power Pack+ compatibility, extend your ride and explore new horizons with ease.

Stay ahead of the curve with the upcoming release of the Lezyne Infinite Power Pack+, engineered exclusively for USB-C LED lights to further extend runtimes and enhance your cycling adventures.

Illuminate your path with confidence and style—choose the Classic Drive XL 700+ front light for a blend of timeless design and modern performance. Elevate your cycling experience and conquer the road ahead. Order yours today and light up the night!

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