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Evil Bike Co.

Evil Offering - LS GX

Evil Offering - LS GX

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Introducing the Evil Bike Co. Offering LS - The Dark Lord of Single Track!

Conquer the trails with the Offering LS, the epitome of trail dominance designed to maintain a tight quiver and redefine your riding experience. With 29" wheels and 141mm of rear suspension, this Dark Lord of Single Track is your ultimate ride for versatility and style.

Key Features:

  • 29" Wheels: Soar through trails with confidence on two 29" wheels, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride over any terrain.

  • 141mm Rear Suspension: The Offering LS is equipped with 141mm of rear suspension, striking the perfect balance for an all-mountain machine that excels on every trail.

  • Versatile Riding Experience: Redline the pedals to keep pace with the lycra squad or stack it on the lift for an epic park day – the Offering LS is your versatile companion for any trail adventure.

  • Strategic Positioning: Slotted between the shredcountry Following and stone-splitting Wreckoning LS, the Offering takes its place as the perfect middle child beneath the banner of the all-mountain machine.

  • Impressively Agile: Impress both the lycra-clad speed demons and your neighbors as the Offering LS feeds them waves of dirt with its agile and powerful performance.

The Offering LS is not just a bike; it's a statement of trail prowess, versatility, and sophistication. Redefine your riding experience, impress your neighbors, and conquer the trails like never before. Are you ready to embrace the Dark Lord of Single Track? Unleash the Offering LS and let the trail domination begin!

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