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Evil Bike Co.

Evil Epocalypse

Evil Epocalypse

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Dominate the Trails with the Evil Bike Co. Epocalypse - Your Amplified Forest Shaker!

Introducing the Evil Bike Co. Epocalypse, the ultimate trail conqueror that blends power, precision, and style. This genre-fluid beast, equipped with 29" wheels and a robust 166mm rear suspension, propels you through the trails with unparalleled agility. The posture of the Epocalypse mirrors that of our venerated Wreckoning rip machine, creating a dynamic and exhilarating riding experience - a proper dance party deep in the heart of the trees.

Key Features:

  • 29" Wheels: Soar over obstacles with ease, as the Epocalypse effortlessly rolls on two 29" wheels, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

  • 166mm Rear Suspension: Conquer the most challenging terrains with confidence, thanks to the Epocalypse's 166mm rear suspension that delivers unmatched control and performance.

  • Shimano EP8 Motor: Experience the power of the low-slung Shimano EP8 motor, channeling Epocalyptic lightning to kick out an impressive 85Nm of pedal assistance at full throttle.

  • 630Wh Battery: Backed by a burly 630Wh battery, the Epocalypse ensures maximum laps, transforming your trail adventures and making rest days on the couch a thing of the past.

  • Genre-Fluid Design: The Epocalypse's unique design mirrors the venerated Wreckoning rip machine, providing a dynamic and versatile riding experience for trail enthusiasts.

  • Trail Parties Await: Add electricity to your stable and transform your downtime into trail parties with friends. We're confident your sofa won't mind the adventure it's been missing.

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